Tuesday, February 3, 2015

February Goals!

Tiny mommying update/advice needed:
Little Monkey is in full blown "I love mama and only want mama" mode, I'm hoping now that I work part time having me around more will help him be less (for lack of a better word) needy. I say that in a loving way, I want him to explore his environment without constantly worrying where I am. For example, when we go to the gym and I pick him up from the childcare area as soon as he sees me he starts CRYING like full blown tears streaming down his face. The sweet girl always tells me "he's been fine this whole time!" It's like he can't believe I actually left him and now I'm back again... I hope they are tears of joy and not sadness... Sometimes he even cries when I hand him over to his dad, grandmother, or grandfather. But as soon as I hold him again he stops... I love him dearly, and love that he wants/needs/loves me so much too, but I want to make sure he is getting socialized too! 

Do any of your babies do this?! Am I overreacting? Is it a stage? He'll be 11 months on Friday! 

Onward! To my February goals! 

-More pictures, I know my blogging is better when pictures are involved. I want to be better about adding them to give myself some writing inspiration. 

-Family 3 day trip this month, somewhere...anywhere just want to go go go! 

-Lose 3 pounds. HEY, I'm being realistic, February is a short month! 

-Read 3 books. (what's with all the threes??) 

- Run a 5K... this will most likely happen on the treadmill at the gym. *queue the Rocky music* 

-Start my gratitude journal (that I've been talking about starting for months) 

-Cook, cook, cook, then bake, bake bake. 

What are some of your goals for this month?
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