Wednesday, February 4, 2015

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Be patient with me as I try to follow along with all the linkups and writing prompts happening around the blogsphere. I love all the inspiration for writing, but honestly feel like my blog feels random because of it. Hang in there with me, still working out the kinks!!  

Twitter. I have been a little addicted to the site ever since I figured it out (finally). But earlier this week I had fun in a Twitter party, soooooooooo fun!!! There are so many great articles, blogs, and I love discussing TV shows and books with total strangers. I enjoy chatting with y'all through comments on the blog, but there is also a really fun interaction with readers and other bloggers on Twitter that is really addicting, so YES I'm HEARTING it! 
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The Selection Trilogy by Kiera Cass
Have y'all read them?? I would describe it as a book for people who love The Bachelor + Kate Middleton + Downton Abbey. They came out a while back, but our students gobbled them up before I could ever read them. I'm on book 2, The Elite and CAN'T stop reading!! I'm rooting for Maxon, but can totally see why America still has feelings for Aspen.

Primary 2015 theme items. If y'all follow me on Instagram you might have seen the cute puzzles The Big Dawg and I are making for their birthdays this year. Hopefully they turn out like this... I was recently called to work as the 2nd counselor in the Primary presidency (for those not of my faith, it means I help and teach the little ones at our church ages 3- 12). 

Salmon patties... Oh ya know, I could just eat them all day long, so good! Or as my husband, The Big Dawg, likes to say "pour them into a tub and bath in them". 
(yes he says this often about soups, desserts, and other foods... he literally wants to have a gallon of it to roll around with in a tub...) 

Our trip to Savannah over the 3 day weekend. I've got to book the hotel, but I'm hoping everything falls into place for us to have a nice family trip down there! 

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17 winners whoop whoop!! 

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