Thursday, January 29, 2015

Bon's Book Club: Wonder

+ What did you think of Palacio's style of point of view- switching up who was telling the story so often? What did you like and not like about it?

I didn't read any reviews of this book prior to starting it, so I wasn't expecting the change in point of view till it happened in the book. I really enjoy this new way of telling the story and love that more and more authors are writing this way. It shows us why each character acted the way they did, and gives us more of the entire story. My heart went out to each character in this book.

+ Did you read The Julian chapters? Did you like them?
No, but I want to read them. The book I got from the library said it included the Julian chapters, but they weren't in my book. I have no idea what happened, but I definitely want to find them and read them!

+ Favorite minor character? (Not Auggie)

Miranda. There was something special about her love for Auggie and her own struggle with fitting in and trying to find herself. I admired her act of kindness in the book, I thought that was so mature for a teenager.

+ What did Palacio do in telling this story to make it "real" for you?

Auggie's family, their emotions were so real and raw for me. I loved their family dynamic and how they each dealt with his influence on their lives in their own special way. I loved that their family was an example to the other students and families in the community. They were totally unaware of their influence on others, they were so caught up in being great parents to their children. I especially loved the dad's easy going and funny personality. He reminded me a lot of how The Big Dawg does and will love our children at every stage in their lives.

+ How did Wonder affect you emotionally?

Hm, tears?! I smiled several times, but was brought to tears more than once especially at the end.  August is such a loveable kid and having had my own issues feeling like the ugly girl in middle school I was just so touched by his story.

Y'all I LOVED Wonder!! I highly recommend it, it's a quick, but influential read. I'm really hoping they make this book into a movie because as much as I'd love our students to read it, I know they would definitely watch the movie.

Have you read it?! 
What did you think? 

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