Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Blogger Men Tell All!!

For some reason it feels like it's been a long time since I did one of these.... I think I missed last month's maybe? Anyway, so excited to linkup today and share some funny moments with The Big Dawg! 

1. What is your favorite memory with your blogger?
TBD: Does this have to be kid friendly? 
Me: Yes please... 
TBD: Fine. When I saw you drive up in your pink shirt in the passenger side of your mom's car. 
sidenote: He's referring to the first night we met, which I'll be writing about on the blog soon! 

2. What is her best quality?
TBD: Your uterus 
Me:  WHAT?! 
TBD: You know, your radar! You are always helping me find things. 
sidenote: I am constantly helping him find things, he will ask me where his keys, phone, and wallet are multiples times a week. Remember that joke from Roseanne? "Men believe the uterus is a tracking device!"

3. What is something the two of you enjoy doing together?
TBD *in a funny voice*: cuddling 
Me: Oh geez!!! 
TBD: What?! I like to cuddle when we watch TV. We bike too, do you want me to say that? 
Me: Say whatever. 
TBD: Fine. Biking, walking, hot cocoa in front of a crackling fire, road trips. 
sidenote: I think this guy is in need of some romance hahahaha 

4. What is your favorite post of hers that she has ever written?
TBD: Your faith post.
Me: Which one is that?! 
TBD: You know, your testimony. 
Me: You mean My Conversion Story?
TBD: Yea, that one. 
sidenote: I was actually impressed that he said this, kinda warmed my heart that he remembered that one. 

5. How much time do you think your blogger puts into blogging each week? (And what are you normally up to when she’s blogging?)
TBD: 40 plus hours 
Me: laughing.... That's A LOT of time!!! 
TBD: Well, you think about what you write all week long so it's probably even more than that. When you're blogging, well now I'm working (yay!!) but before I was in school and if not that then video games.... or a project. 

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