Wednesday, January 7, 2015

And counting...

As my grandmother and father stood side by side looking out over the year this past Thanksgiving a thought came to my mind. They've known each other for 67 years. 67 years my grandmother has been a mother to my dad. 

67 years

My dad is 67, my grandmother is 92. And she has known him for 67 years. She has seen him graduate college, marry, have a child, gain employment. She's been there for him when he lost loved ones, she's cooked meals, and laughed at his stories. 

For 67 years... and counting

My grandmother is 92, and my dad is 67. He  has known her for 67 years. He has seen her raise 5 kids, take care of her family, cook thousands of meals. He's seen her pray at church and take care of his father, she's laughed at all his jokes and read every article he's ever written. 

My happily ever after would be to see my son at 67 years old, to share those types of memories with him and hopefully his siblings. What a miracle life is, what a joy it is to be on this earth with those we love! 

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