Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Will Robinson 5K

I ran my first 5K a couple weekends ago. I've been participating in the 19th annual Will Robinson Memorial Run since I was in high school, but never ran the entire thing.

Deputy Sheriff Will Robinson was a GMC alum who lost his life while serving and protecting our community. 19 years ago, Robert Wayne Holsey stormed into the Jet Food Store in Milledgeville. After he fled the scene, Deputy Will Robinson spotted his car and pulled him over at the Royal Inn Motel. The shootout ended with Robinson on the ground. 
Holsey shot Will in the head because he was scared of going back to prison. Robinson was the first law enforcement officer killed in the line of duty in Baldwin County since 1803. Will Robinson has been described as "the man you'd want your daughter to marry" by our Sheriff, Bill Massee. His death was a tragic loss to our community.
This year the race was hosted by Central State Hospital. The hospital opened in 1842 and originally named the Georgia State Lunatic, Idiot, and Epileptic Asylum. Central State is on 1,750 acres and the buildings have a creepy, dark feeling to them. 

We started the race with the fun run, a little warm up for the 5K. The weather was gorgeous, but a little chilly! 
The 5K started at 9AM and we were in the way back with the jogging stroller. When the runners started, I figured why not run as much as I can... The Big Dawg pushed Little Monkey and we set out at a light jog. He's so tall he can speed walk as fast as I run, ha! As I continued to run, I felt my body pick up the pace and realized I was passing people who were walking. That got me all sorts of excited! We were into mile 2 when I looked over at my little family and thought of the example I was setting. I saw a lady further up ahead in a neon shirt and told TBD, "I'm passing her! That's my goal!" When I did, I saw some ladies in blue even further up ahead that I wanted to pass. I finally did when we were closer to the finish line and suddenly it hit me!!! I JUST RAN 3 MILES ahhhhhhhh!!!!! 
I hope some of you weren't here to see "tips for training for a 5K". To be honest, I've been walking 4-6 miles for months now and my body has begged for me to run. I just needed the confidence boost to know my joints were not going to explode with pain if I did push them a little harder. I would encourage anybody to run a 5K, the atmosphere is amazing and it really motivated me to push myself further and further! 
I've already started searching for more 5Ks in the area and will be signing us up for the Atlanta Walk to Cure Arthritis

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