Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Tell Me About Your Town: Favorite Shops

Milledgeville's downtown has adorable shops for all types of people. Since it's a small college town there are lots of locally owned boutiques, I love giving back to our community! Milledgeville Mainstreet puts together First Fridays when all the shops open and we love to go!  
The Market Collective
First up on my list: The Market Collective, you can find them here on Instagram
They have the cutest, unique items for home decor. You won't ever find duplicates, everything is just for you! 
The Market Collective
They were closed when I went by to take pictures, but definitely check out their Instagram to see all the cute stuff they have! 
Who doesn't love antiquing?! Sometimes after dinner The Big Dawg and I will go exploring the weird knick knacks around town, there are two locally owned antique stores. 
The Lemon Tree
The Lemon Tree has everything a Southern girl could want! Especially a sorority loving girl, ha! 
Find them here on Facebook. 
The Lemon Tree

The Lemon Tree
Isn't this dish cute?! I must have it!! 
The Lemon Tree
We have the Happy Everything plate at our house, perfect for all occasions. 
Ryals Bakery
Let's talk yummy treats! Ryals Bakery is known for the smiley face cookie, again wanted to show y'all, but they were closed! We obviously went downtown at the wrong time of day *sad face* 
They sell all kinda of fattening, delicious treats here, this is our family's go to place when somebody is feeling down. You can count on us to bring you an assortment of goodies!
Doodle's Cupcake Bakery
Doodle's! We have what we call Cupcake Tuesdays at work, one of us walks down to buy the library staff cupcakes (they are only open on Tuesdays). All kinds of flavors and they are so active on social media giving away cupcakes is the best thing ever! You can find them here on Facebook. 
This wouldn't be a "favorite shops" post without featuring The Big Dawg's favorite downtown shop, Bayne's Army Store. This is a MAN's store, just walking in and I feel like a total woman hahaha. Camo is everywhere, hunting gear, and older men that just hang out and talk in the store. 

Here in Milledgeville we definitely have the feeling of shop local, family owned businesses in a Southern hometown! 
If you are ever in the area check these places OUT!

I'm excited to read about your towns in today's linkup!

Out of these places above, what shop would you most likely want to visit?!
I'd love to hear from you! 
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