Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Stuck in a Rut at Work

Today's Let's Do Lunch Question is:
"How would you encourage someone who feels stuck in a rut with their job?"

Have you tried to think outside the box with the mundane tasks? Maybe it's time to dress up your cubicle, decorate a little, or network with some new co workers. If you are in an environment where there are tons of employees elsewhere, then get out and walk. There's always somebody out there wanting to network and swap ideas. Some of my best ideas have come from just talking and hearing the needs of students and faculty, all because I go outside my comfort zone and out from behind my desk.

Work is hard to find right now, I spent an entire year looking for a job in Athens. I have a Bachelor's degree and tons of volunteering experience. I applied to over 7 jobs in ONE WEEK. Jobs are just not out there right now, so consider yourself lucky to be employed.

But, if that still doesn't cure your stuck in a rut feeling, then make a pros and cons list. Write down all of the advantages and disadvantages in your current state. Sometimes writing down all those wonderful benefits vs. the unknown can show us what we really have is a great blessing.

Advice my parents have always given me is to never leave a job without having your next job secured. Setting goals and wanting to be more than whatever your current position is a worthy goal. Take on more responsibility, offer your input at meetings, and just get out there!!

Disclaimer: All advice given through Let's Do Lunch are my personal thoughts and what I would do in a similar situation. I'm not a doctor, therapist, or certified anything. I'm just a girl who loves to help.

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Christine said...

Great advice! I definitely agree about not leaving a job until you have a job. Also, I love your new design!