Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Silent Night

The onesie read, "All mommy wants is a Silent Night". It was red with snowflakes hanging from a rack in Belk's. 

As I held my son on my hip, my heart fluttered. I said outloud to my mom, "Why would a mother ever put that on her child?!" She replied, "I thought it was funny!" I'm sure many moms do... but not this one. 

The Big Dawg and I are very familiar with silent nights.

No cries for a bottle.
No diaper changes. 
No cute baby babbles coming from a warm crib. 
No spit up. 
No drool.
No bite marks on furniture.
No overturned baskets. 
No blankets all over the floors. 
No toys in a pack n play. 
No bottles in the fridge.
No baby food in the pantry. 
No baby cuddles.
No bathtime. 
No heart stopping, can't live without it love, from such a tiny human. 

We are well aware of what a silent night is, we lived with silent nights for years craving the sound of a baby to echo up and down the hall. I love our loud nights, I love our baby's joyful noises. This mama wants more of them and would never trade them.
Not for one.single. silent. night

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