Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Merry Christmas from Southern Hope!

Y'all I'm going to be perfectly honest... I am a terrible holiday season blogger. I love writing, but when it comes to documenting the holidays all I want to do is curl up with a book or watch a movie with my family. Writing is the last thing on my mind! I've been documenting more of our holidays on Instagram, check it out hereI've been a major slacker, but I promise once all the festivities are over I will be right back at it! 

We are having a staycation this Christmas, my aunts are visiting and we are all just taking it easy. I rarely get to see my aunt from North Carolina, my mentor and buddy, Miss Manners!  We are really excited to have her visit. 
We are hoping to see Unbroken on Christmas Day, my job is to get the movie tickets for everybody and it will be the first time Little Monkey has been inside a theater...
 so wish me luck! 
Below is the Christmas letter we sent out to all our friends and family and now to y'all my awesome Southern Hope readers! 

The Big Dawg celebrated his 30th birthday, Whitney her 28th *  Monkey was born two weeks overdue on March 6th and is now an expert crawler, we expect him to walk any day now * TBD graduated from The University of Georgia with a Criminal Justice degree * Monkey was blessed on June 22nd * Whitney continues to work at the GMC library * We dressed up like cookies and milk for Halloween * Sunny Day and Milo Cat are still best friends* Whitney works with the youth at church and Richard the older men’s group *
Whitney’s rheumatoid arthritis is still in remission thanks to the pregnancy, hallelujah! * Monkey loves playing with Sunny, snuggling with mom and dad, eating all his veggies, naptime, feeding himself, making friends at the gym, and being outside* Whitney enjoys blogging at Southern Hope Blog, working with her students,  reading, crocheting, and being a mama! The Big Dawg loves wood working, rebuilding old furniture, watching project videos, eating Whitney’s homemade cookies, playing with his son, and sleeping in on Saturdays!
We wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

In other news...

Y'all check out this knife The Big Dawg made from SCRATCH! Is that even the right terminology?! I just know in girl world when you start with just the basics, it's made from scratch, so there ya go! 
He took a wood block, a blade, a sheet of leather, aluminum, and epoxy glue and carved out this beautiful knife! 

He's willing to sell it for $65 if anybody is interested!
 I just think it is SO COOL!! 

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