Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Lovely Blog#1 and #2 and Another Liebster! Whaattt?

Two wonderful bloggers, Melissa at Rambling Llama and Britt at My Little Sunshines, nominated me for the Lovely Blog award. How sweet are they to think of little ol' me! I've seen this going around and decided to share with y'all 14 facts about me (double the love, double the facts), now let's see if I can also nominate 14 other bloggers...ah!  

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Here are fourteen facts about me:

1. I'm a nail biter. Depending on the stress in my life my nails either look fabulous or are short and falling apart.
2. I'm insecure about being highly sensitive. I know I overreact to things and get my feelings hurt too easily, so be patient with me while I work on that! 
3. We live with my parents. AH! I know, I know. It's just what has to happen right now for us to get ahead and we all love to support each other. More about that later! 
4. It took us 3 years to finally get pregnant. 
5. I gave myself Lovenox (blood thinner) shots every day till the 2nd trimester. I think it was around 57 shots total.  
6. I ruptured my patellar tendon when the roof of the gym I worked at collapsed. 2 knee surgeries and lots of physical therapy.
7. I was arrested in high school with 11 other seniors for toilet papering. Read that story here and here
8. I almost drowned in Panama City Beach. 
9. The Big Dawg and I met on LDSlinkup, an LDS online dating site. 
10. I love to be needed. I wannnnntttt you to wannnnttt meeee (now I'm going to have that song in my head all day)
11. Friendships are really important to me, I try to maintain contact with as many people as possible.
12. This is my second marriage, the first was short lived with an abusive ***hole. 
13. Also, depending on my mood I can have a little bit of a potty mouth (see above). 
14. I'm a little embarrassed that I'm sharing all of this private stuff with y'all....

I was nominated for another Liebster and because I love this blogger soooooo much I decided to accept it, just because I wanted to answer her questions. I bout died when I saw her comment that she nominated me, I've been stalking her for months and had no idea she even read my blog! Harmony at Modern Mommy Madness is a hoot! She says everything I am too shy to say with the mouth of a sailor and a heart of gold!

Here are Harmony's questions for me:

1. What one thing do you love about yourself?
I know it's not normal for a new mom to say she loves her body, but I'm going to say my body. I'm very proud of what this body created, I've always been proud of my curvy figure, and I have pretty feet! So I'll go with that.

2. What is your greatest strength?
Compassion for others, being hyper sensitive I honestly just love others deeply and feel their pains with sincere empathy.

3. Who do you draw energy from or enjoy being around?
My son gives me so much energy, I'm forced to be energetic to keep up with him.

4. What types of activities drain you?
Living with Rheumatoid Arthritis, anything can drain me. Overscheduling work, church activities, family get togethers, and work outs leads to a day in bed for me.

5. What kind of person is your alter ego?
The Incredible Hulk? Haha, I can get really angry when I'm hangry!

6. Name your favorite comfort food.
Since it is winter time, I'll go with my mom's corn chowder. Promise I am posting the recipe soon!

7. Favorite place to spend a rainy afternoon.
In bed with a book.

8. What do you do after the kids go to bed?
Instagram and watch TV with The Big Dawg

9. What do you wish you could change about your life?
You know what? Nothing. I am beyond blessed. I was trying to think of an answer and I can't. I am very grateful.

10. Do you believe in prayer?
Absolutely, prayed this morning for my husband's job interview.

11. What beauty product has never failed you?

I nominate for the Lovely Blog Award:
Harmony at Modern Mommy Madness 

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