Monday, December 8, 2014

Big Things!!

I hope y'all had a wonderful weekend! It was gorgeous here, although I didn't spend too much time outside. Saturday we picked out our Christmas tree, better late than never right?! And The Big Dawg and I had a date night/movie night. We watched Tammy and Madea's Christmas. They were both got a couple laughs out of us. I watched The Fault in Our Stars yesterday and even though the book didn't make me cry (don't ask), the movie definitely made me tear up. Such a beautiful story, I love John Green! Little Monkey turned 9 months this weekend, he is getting so big!

I have lots to be grateful for this Monday:

  • A husband who will let me drive around town late at night blasting Taylor Swift's 1989 and singing at the top of my lungs!
  • Christmas lights 
  • Christmas music, I'm loving the Bing Crosby Holiday channel on Pandora 
  • Extra time with my little man, The Big Dawg has been working the Christmas tree farm a lot lately and so I've taken some extra time off from work to stay home and watch our sweet boy! 
  • Food, my mom made a kick butt potato soup yesterday! 
  • Gym time, I get zero time for myself. Between work, family life, and being a mom I don't take me time and that's not good! I signed back up at our gym and last week got back into a routine. I go in for an hour of cardio each night after Little Monkey goes to sleep. It's been amazing! 
  • I'm so grateful for Ash at The Grits Blog, she has created a stunning, beautiful design for Southern Hope. Y'all are going to LOVE it!!! It's perfect! 
  • Ember Grey: Grateful Heart

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Shannon Hall said...

Love the new design! So cute.