Thursday, December 4, 2014

Bad Wife

I'm feeling like a pretty crappy wife right about now. It's December 4th and I haven't purchased one single thing for my family. NOT ONE THING.
This isn't really a shocker for me because I always wait till the last minute. I am a terrible shopper. this past month has only shown me all the junk we own, which makes me never want to set foot in a store again. 

We moved from our Athens apartment back in with my parents. It's what we are doing for now, we will see what the future holds. We actually gave away several items, bookshelves, bedframe, and a torn up couch. We told our neighbors they could take it or it was going to Goodwill. Turns out, our neighbor's dad was in poor health and she was moving him into a place so he could be closer for her to take care of him. The look of shock when we told her she could have it all was a great way to get into the Christmas spirit! 

With all that gone, we still have enough to fill a small sized storage shed and packing the rest of our stuff in just has me really against buying ANYTHING. It's like do we really need anything else?! More clutter? I know my husband is expecting a heartfelt gift and this year it definitely will be! 

Blogmas 2014 over at The Grits Blog really is inspiring me on how to make a kick butt stocking for The Big Dawg. I'm sure I'll come with up something... 
y'all pray for me! 

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