Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Tell Me About Milledgeville

Ever since Little Monkey was born, I've started collecting little things about The Big Dawg and me for him to know more about his parents in the future. Putting together this series, Tell Me About Your Town, could not have come at a better time for me! It's a great way for me to tell our son about where his mom grew up and hopefully show me a better appreciation for the little things around town. This week's topic is what I'm thankful for about my town. I've been putting off this post, because I wasn't sure yet which town to write about! We've been living in two places for the past 3 years, Athens and Milledgeville. And recently we made the decision to stay here, in Milledgeville. 

A little bit about Milledgeville:

Population 19,401 
3 colleges: Georgia College and State University, Georgia Military College, Central Georgia Technical College. Milledgeville was the 4th capital of Georgia from 1804 to 1868, so you can imagine how much history is packed into this small town! 

Why I'm Grateful to Live in a Town Like Milledgeville 
  • Family, this is a big duh. My family lives here, my aunt, cousins, parents, and close friends live here. I'm grateful to have easy access to all of these people in my life.
  • Outdoors. We love walking, biking, and sometimes running the Oconee River Greenway. We call it the riverwalk at home. There are two other parks in town that we go for walks and to swing Little Monkey on the playground. It's easy to quickly get outside here, we don't have to travel long distances to get in green time! 
  • Downtown. My aunt lived downtown when I was a little girl and it instilled a love for antebellum homes. I love the look of a home that has a past. Some of the homes downtown are even said to be haunted!! 
  • Family owned businesses. There are restaurants, boutiques, and gyms that are all family owned. I love that there are more local businesses here than corporations, it's why I'll always love the small town atmosphere.
  • I have tons of offers daily for babysitters!! Since my parents are both educators in our town (and I grew up here) there are many sweet friends and neighbors who I know would be there for us in a time of need. 
  • I don't ever have to worry about getting lost in a small town! No GPS needed and I can find anything if locals just tell me what's next to it... seriously. I don't know any street names, it's terrible. 
  • Farmer's markets! We have one that's here on Tuesday evenings, then another on Saturdays, then another on First Fridays. I love a chance to go browse farm fresh produce. The last time we went there was the deliciously divine pepper jelly! Oh man, it was good! 
  • The beauty! We have a hills, gorgeous lake view sunsets, streams, and rivers. The above picture is of Lake Sinclair. Our area is known as Lake Country! 
  • I'm hoping this linkup will give a prompt for our town's history. There is so much here in Milledgeville. Above is a picture of the Old Governer's mansion. There'a trolley tour and great people here who know alllll the fun history of this neat town! 

  • The above picture is of the Old Capital Building, I work at the library on Georgia Military College's campus. I get to look at this beauty every day of the week! 
  • I'm grateful for the beautiful architecture in our town. It's beautifully unique. I absolutely hate seeing corporate buildings and concrete jungles! Give me an antebellum museum any day of the week and I'll be happy! The above picture if our local post office, I think it's beautiful! Who can say their POST OFFICE is beautiful?!
  • Most importantly, I'm grateful for Milledgeville for being the birthplace of my firstborn son. I'm so grateful that I knew 3 of the L&D nurses, one of them was my cousin! That sounds SO small town, hahaha but it's true!  Oh my gosh y'all, I was SO HUGE carrying around that 2 week overdue baby boy!! Looking at this picture is so insane, can't believe it was almost 9 months ago! 

What are you grateful for in your town? I'd love to hear from y'all! 
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