Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Mamas Tell All: I Ain't Ready!

I'm linking up today with Everyday Thoughts, So Called Homemaker and That Southern Mama for today's Mamas Tell All! 

Today's topic Planning for the Future: Do you have a living will, guardianship, and college savings funds in place. What's necessary and how do you make sure your child is prepared for the future? 

Well this is just down right overwhelming for me. I have been chewing my nails over this topic ever since I saw it on the list months ago. Even told myself I'd skip it for that week, but now that I'm into this linkup I can't, I just can't!

Do I have a living will? 
No. And my hospital people went over that with me several times, call it my anxiety, but I was too scared to sign anything that sounded like a death sentence before having my baby. Now that those awful hormones are out of my system (they are aren't they?) I should get around to putting one together....

Again, no. I am very worried about this one because I'm an only child. What will happen to my son if anything ever happens to us? It's scary to think about, but again... a reality check for me! Add it to the to do list. 

College savings fun?
Ok, here we go! Here we go! I have a little something set aside for Little Monkey when the time comes. Hopefully it will grow into a bigger something over the years and even more hopefully college won't be so darn expensive years from now when they are flying around in fancy cars. 

My main goal for Little Monkey and the future little zoo animals that come into our family, is that they will be prepared for a life that will bring them joy, friendships, trials and heartache. I want to prepare my children for a bad economy, how to eat on whatevers left in the fridge, and how to live a frugal life. I want my children to know how to clean a home, do their own laundry, cook meals, and balance a checkbook. I want to know that when we are long gone they will be good members of society, honest and hard working. I want them to know who to turn to for happiness, not only their mama and daddy, but our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I think if they have Him in their minds and hearts, if they know where they came from, who they are, and where they are going then they will be able to survive anything this world dishes out. 

What plans do you have in place to prepare your children for the future? 

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