Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Mamas Tell All: Healthy Lifestyle After Kids

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Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle After Baby
  • Get healthy before you get pregnant. I walked daily when I was pregnant and ate as healthy as possible. Sure I had a bowl of ice cream practically every night, but I also had a spinach salad every day (not at the same time of course!). I was walking 4-6 miles a day while pregnant, once Little Monkey was here when he was 2 weeks old I was back walking 2-4 miles a day. Do my calves look like the above picture?! Ha! I WISH! But I was able to survive a 30 hour labor, 5 of those pushing and I credit that to walking daily. 
  • Eat your colors! We tell this to our kids, but do we do it ourselves? Remember this exact post from our linkup?! Eat your veggies, and drink lots of water! 
  • Now that you have a gym buddy in your tiny human, go to the gym! It's great socialization for mama and baby. I can't wait to get back into my exercise classes. We are in between cities right now, so I'm waiting to settle, but I can't wait! 
  • I've got a lot of home work out dvds. Little Monkey goes in the playpen and watches me jump and kick around the room. 
  • Running. Ugh! Never thought I'd be a runner, but after pregnancy I have this amazing endurance. 3-4 days a week, The Big Dawg yells at me around our neighborhood circle while pushing the baby behind me. I feel great afterwards, love that runner's high!  
  • Mental health is just as important as our physical. If you are feeling lonely and depressed, please talk to someone. I've had to deal with a lot of anxieties becoming a new mom, I was already an anxious person, so having a piece of my heart walking around on the outside has only made it worse. Don't be scared to open up to others about how you are really feeling, you'll probably find what you are feeling is totally normal for a new mom. 
  • Don't forget your body just spent 10 months creating another human being. Your body is now vitamin deficient, continue to take your prenatal vitamin 6 months to a year after childbirth. Load up on calcium and folic acid rich foods too. 
  • Sleep! Sleep every chance you get, even if you feel like you can't, lay down if the baby is napping and let your body re-energize. Running after a baby all day and worrying really wears a mama out! 
  • Go easy on yourself!! Put down those magazines of celebrities in body after baby pictures. Those ladies have chefs, personal trainers, and a whole army at their disposal. We would all love amazing if we had that type of team around us!! If you want to see what real women look like after having babies, Babycenter has created a post baby bellies slideshow for you. 
I think the most important lifestyle change a mama can make for her children is to be more positive about her life, her body, and her surroundings. If we as mothers are constantly negative and pointing out the issues with ourselves, our spouses, and others; our children will do the same. We need to encourage, inspire,and uplift those around us! We need to be the guiding light of warmth and love in our homes. Let your children see the sweet side of you daily so they know where they can come to for peace and comfort.