Monday, November 17, 2014

Grateful Heart + A Giveaway!

 I have many things to be grateful for today. In true blogger fashion, here are my thoughts in list form!

  • Later this week I'll tell y'all what's going on with our living situation, but for now I just have to say how grateful I am for family that have helped us with moving. 
  • I am blessed to have two parents whose goal in life is to be the greatest grandparents ever. Their relationship with Little Monkey is very special. 
  • I love my husband for putting up with me this coming week. I have so much on our shared calendar it's ridiculous! This time of year is always so busy and I just ask that he be patient with me! 
  • Grateful for the opportunity I had to speak at church this past Sunday. I'm very humbled by the opportunity to give a talk on Lessons from the New Testament. The fact that our church's weekly messages are delivered by the members of the congregation is amazing to me! I cherish the growth I experience each time I am asked to speak. I hope to share my talk with y'all soon. 
  • So happy to have the network of women both online and in real life who have been there for me through sooooooooo much in my life. I'm grateful I'm able to now repay them back for all their support. 
  • I feel like this time in my life is the BEST time. We have been so blessed with a healthy family, jobs, and it's a time to be cherished each and every day. 
What are you grateful for this beautiful Monday morning?

Ember Grey

 Andrea from Mitchael Journey || Tiffany from A Touch of Grace || Whitney from Southern Hope || Kelli from A Deeper Joy

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