Friday, November 7, 2014

Bigs and Littles!

I was paired with Carissa at for the Bigs & Littles linkup. Can I just tell y'all that everybody should do this at least a once a year?!?

Getting to know another blogger was really exciting, especially one who was able to give advice on making my blog better. I've gone through a face lift this past month from adding social media icons to creating pinnable images in my post. Carissa taught me how to make those things a priority. She also gave me the confidence to know I have great content, I just wasn't doing such a hot job of getting it out there.
A little about my Big: 
Carissa is a 28 year old mother of two, wife to her husband of 6 years, and an avid reader (just like me!!). She has an eye for design and has authored a beautiful blog teaching others about design, DIY projects, and all her creative thoughts!
Quick and easy blogging tips
Here are some of the blogging tips and changes I learned during Bigs and Littles:
  1. How your blog looks is important. It needs to be inviting, pleasing to the eye, and easy for others to find you through social media outlets. A reader needs to visit your blog and feel like they are coming home to a clean, organized, non cluttered space! 
  2. Organize, organize, organize! I asked her to look over my blog and what needed fixing, her suggestions of creating topic based pages and fixing my About Me has shown readers I'm serious about this blogging thing! 
  3. Ads/sponsor space (anything that makes you money) needs to be on the sidebar where readers can see it. Readers expect to see ads, it's apart of the online experience. They can still look and feel classy, over adding them only makes it feel more cluttered, so go easy! 
  4. Editorial calendar. Before Carissa's suggestion I didn't have one and there was no consistency to my posts! Scheduling posts takes a lot of stress out of blogging. Also, using a social media scheduler like Hootsuite can allow you to put your content out there, without sitting at a computer all day. I'm able to be social with other bloggers and not worry about promoting my own content. Life is much easier annnnnd more organized! 
  5. The most important blogging tip I learned from Carissa was all about confidence in myself, my blog, and my content. Carissa was so kind, but she took a hard look at my blog and told me the truth and I'm better for it! Don't be scared to ask a friend to look over your blog and give you honest feedback! She gave me the confidence to know I have the content and a strong voice, but that I needed to work on a few things! 

I've definitely made changes to Southern Hope. I hope my readers continue to hang on for this joyous ride I'm on, things can only go up from here!! Woo!!

Have you ever gotten advice from fellow bloggers? How did it work out for you? 

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