Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Mamas Tell All: Workin' 9 to 5

I'm linking up today with Everyday ThoughtsSo Called Homemaker and That Southern Mama for today's Mamas Tell All! I'm a little behind on today's post. I actually scheduled the topic for next week as today's post. Oops!!! 

I love that movie, Nine to Five with Dolly Parton, Lily Tomlin, and Jane Fonda. When I saw the topic for today was how we make motherhood work that movie came to mind. 

I've been working at a college library now for a little over 4 years. While I've been employed, my husband has completed his Bachelor's degree, he began here at the Junior College and then transferred to The University of Georgia in Athens. While he was there, we both commuted back and forth to visit each other. Some semesters were easier than others, sometimes I would only see him on weekends. Other times he would be home Thursday-Sunday, and we always were together on holiday breaks. He graduated in May and is currently in the job market. We are awaiting a phone call any day for his first real career move, so prayers are needed. 

Before we got married, The Big Dawg and I discussed how/when/where I would work after becoming a mom. I told him I have always wanted to be a stay at home mom, but with a part time job to stay relevant. I've found my niche' in library work and think it would make a great part time job for me some day. I feel very blessed and fortunate to have been able to provide for our family all these years. We were able to have minimal student loan debt, no credit card debt, and lived within our means. 

Of course we wouldn't be anywhere without the support of my parents. They have dealt with our comings and goings for 5 years now. We lived with them for a short period, then moved out for a couple years, but when The Big Dawg went to UGA, I stayed here for work and at their home. They have fed us many meals, our baby boy's nursery is in my old bedroom, and we have a great time hanging out together as a family. Hey! People in Europe do it, why not us?! 

As my son gets older I want to be home with him. I dream of the days we can go to the park, take long walks, meet friends for play dates, go to the library for story time, and meet dad for lunch. I'm excited to be more available for church activities and to be able to travel with my family whenever the vacation time pops up. I'm excited to get more on top of our budget, coupon, and even hope to take piano lessons! I have lots of goals in mind to continue to further my education with possibly going back for a Master's degree while Little Monkey is still...well, little... 

The role I'm currently in as the provider is a must. I think the most offensive thing I've heard from SAHMs is "I could NEVER leave my child and go to work". Some moms just don't have any other options. I'm very blessed and lucky that my parents and The Big Dawg watch over Little Monkey while I work. It has to be this way, there aren't any other options in my opinion. We didn't want to use government programs or live on mommy and daddy's dollar (although they do buy us food often hehehe). I'm proud to show my son that I can work, provide, and give him a life we all deserve. My hard work through college and my career have challenged me, given me more confidence, and in the end it will make me a better mom. 

What about y'all?! How do you make it work in your family?

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