Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Mamas Tell All: Never Would I Ever...

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I'm a first time mom, and the biggest lesson I have learned over the past 7 months is that our babies come with their own little manual. All babies are different and all mamas are different! Motherhood forces us to be flexible. 

Lesson One on Breastfeeding: 
When I sat down for my first breastfeeding class, I was super excited about breast feeding for atleast a year! I knew all the benefits, read tons of articles, I was ready! Anybody whose read our experience knows things did not go as planned. My lactation consultant told us not to give a newborn a pacifier, so his first night Little Monkey didn't get one and was brought to me every 2 hours to nurse, and nurse he did! Till we got home. It was a nightmare, as all first nights home are... We were google searching types of binkies and that morning he had one in his mouth! We were all much happier! I agonized and cried over giving him formula until one day I read a blog from I think it was Lucie's List that said "formula is not poison". That helped me relax a bit, for the first 6 months of his life he got exclusively pumped breast milk, after that it's been all formula. And guess what?! HE IS GROWING!!! 

Lesson Two on Grandparents: 
Pediatricians recommend no TV for children under 2 years old, they say it makes them passive. Anybody who's seen a baby in front of a TV can agree with that, they stop exploring and just sit there. Not good for a growing tiny human! We are still attempting no TV, but it is really hard when we live with my parents... my dad is a news junkie and he will humor me and at least mute it for a little while... When he was little it was easier to control the influence of TV, now that he is a crawler it's really hard to keep him completely away from it. Muting is a nice compromise until we move. 

Lesson Three on Clothing
I said our son would NEVER wear camouflage of any kind. At two months old he had brown camo pants that his aunt bought him... he was super cute. He now has some camo boots I can't wait for him to wear this Fall! I'm not a fan of the hunting gear I see all over Georgia, I didn't want a baby redneck on my hands, but when your baby gets free clothes anything is better than nothing. 

Lesson Four on Solids: 
Homemade baby food. So I did good on this for about 2 weeks, then a growth spurt happened and between working full time and wanting to spend quality time with him instead of in the kitchen, I couldn't keep up. So we started buying baby food. Beechnut is all we buy, so many flavors! I still give him a bite of whatever I'm eating so avocados, sweet potatoes, bananas, pancakes, scrambled eggs. He loves it and is not a picky eater thank goodness! 

Lesson Five on Loving Your Body: 
Weight loss. goodness gracious, this is tough for me. The reality is more things change in your life than your body when you become a new mom. I've always been into working out and thought right after I had our baby I would jump right back into my gym routine. I walked 4 miles 5-6 times a week when I was pregnant, I walked 6 the day I was scheduled for my induction! We are saving money not paying for a membership, so I've been walking/running with Little Monkey around our 2 mile hilly circle. I go to the college gym every now and then to lift weights, but still haven't graced the doorstep of our local gym. Don't ask me why... I can't tell you. 

Take it easy on yourself, in the end we are all just normal moms trying to do our best!  

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