Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Mamas Tell All: The Happiest and Crappiest of Motherhood

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Should we start with the good and end with the bad?
Nah, I'm starting with the bad, always want to end on a good note!

  • Never feeling like you got enough sleep. Neveeeerrrrr
  • Realizing until your children are 18 you will have to share your food so now it must be healthy
  • Pressures to lose the baby weight
  • Stretch marks 
  • Wanting to wear sweatpants every.single. day. but forcing yourself into jeans so you feel somewhat attractive 
  • Hair pulling, Little Monkey loves to yank my hair around. No I'm not cutting it. 
  • Sometimes not wanting to be touched. at. all.
  • Dreading doctor's visits because of that **** weight scale
  • Being a working mom and sometimes only seeing Little Monkey for 3 hours in one day. 
  • Having to turn off my emotions before walking into work so I don't have a total meltdown 
  • People holding your baby without asking you first
  • People giving you advice on how to feed/burp/swaddle/hold/whatever they think they know better than you for your baby 
  • Trying not to compare yourself to other moms, but doing it anyway 
  • People putting their fingers in your baby's mouth 
  • Being treated like I'm a bad mom for working and a bad employee for being a mom 
  • Wanting another baby, but not wanting another one quite yet
  • Mama guilt, this encompasses everything in a nut shell 
  • Morning snuggles 
  • A drooly grinning baby 
  • Being chased by a giggling, crawling baby 
  • Long walks with my baby daddy 
  • All the smiles I get at the store just for being the mom of a super cute baby 
  • Knowing I can do hard things 
  • Having a healthy baby is the biggest blessing in the world 
  • When Little Monkey lays his head on me before falling asleep. Melts my heart 
  • Watching my dad hold my son
  • Watching my mom hold my son 
  • Watching my husband hold my son
  • Daydreaming about "what he'll be like" 
  • Sharing stories with other moms
  • Reading books to my baby 
  • Planning the holiday season with a little one 
  • Road trips! 
  • Dressing baby up in cute clothes 
  • Soft, kissable cheeks
  • How they smell right after bath time 
  • When he just wants to sit with me, just because he's a precious boy 
  • Teaching him new things, especially how to cook! 
  • Little Monkey loves to watch his dad do projects (yes with the projects again!) 
  • Seeing Little Monkey's face when trying a new food, hilarious! 
  • First experiences, everything is a first for a baby... everything! 
  • The accomplishment of knowing I did something INCREDIBLY AMAZING with my body 
  • Knowing this little person, this beautiful baby will be around for a long time to come
  • Teaching him through example and guidance so that one day he can serve others and change the world, a little bit at a time 

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