Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Mamas Tell All: Finding Time for Me

I'm linking up today with Everyday ThoughtsSo Called Homemaker and That Southern Mama for today's Mamas Tell All! 

Today's question is: 
Making time for Mama - How do you find time to relax and treat yourself? 

Were y'all like me and thought of these two crazies when you first read today's question?
My relaxation time lasts for about 30 minutes right before I pass out each night. A book, maybe, but mostly it's a TV show with The Big Dawg... 

So my thoughts on relaxing can by summed up here: 
 And my work involves talking to people all day long soooooooo most of the time I come home and shut down. 

And I found this comic particularly funny to share with y'all! The life of a mom of quarantine! I'm still a new mushy mom though so I want to be in these places, but also with my little man! 

Alright, enough fooling around here are my tips! 
Laugh or Cry
Nothing heals my soul better than a good comedy or laugh session with The Big Dawg. But, it also just feels good to cry am I right?! There were moments when I was a brand new mama feeling like a total nutcase and my mom would look at me and say "just let it out!". So I did, I cried and cried, but I felt tons better afterwards! 
Reading a book 
Cuddling up in the nursery with a book, a blanket, all while Little Monkey plays is my perfect relaxation moment 
Imagining your happy place
I have a bit of an anxiety problem, I love relaxation apps or listening to Pandora's yoga radio 
Let others be in control of the little things 
Plans for the weekend? What's for dinner? Whether or not to go to a church activity? 
Let the hubs decide and give yourself a break. 
Ask for help 
I think one of the biggest complaints I hear from other moms is that their husband isn't helping enough. When I ask, "does he say no if you ask him to clean the kitchen?" They usually respond with "Oh yea RIGHT like he would do that!" Your husband can't read your mind, don't assume he doesn't want to help. After we have babies, I think men see us as invincible. Technically we are *wink* but they still need to be asked! 
If you never ask, then you'll never know! 
Remind yourself that men are primal, they are cavemen. They want to be wanted
they need to be needed
So let them! 

That's it for me today! What do you moms do to find time for yourselves? 

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