Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Mamas Tell All: Choosing the Size of Your Family

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Whew! Y'all have heard a lot from our family lately! I can't even begin to explain how fun it has been to get to know other moms through this linkup. For me blogging has always been my way of reaching out to other people, helping others through written words, and making my world a little larger. 
In a world where many are choosing to live a childfree life, The Big Dawg and I would love a big family. As much as I would like to dream that The Big Dawg and I have control over how many children we will have, we don't. I'd love it if we could "choose" the size, but I'm not really sure what our future holds. If you want to read more about our infertility journey you can read these posts here

When The Big Dawg and I first met, we knew we wanted lots of kids. Not the Duggers 19 Kids and Counting, but more than one (I'm an only child). Then we were hit with the news that we couldn't just pop out a kid whenever we felt like it. In fact, many couples are unable to have children this way. 1 in 8 couples will deal with infertility. Infertility doesn't mean they can't it means they have tried for over a year with no success. Sometimes it just takes a while and sometimes there are bigger issues and more intense treatments are needed.  

We have lost one baby and I like to think he/she is waiting in heaven for us and hopefully others are anxiously waiting to join our family. I would love another baby, sooner rather than later, but I also want our lives to get organized before we try again. The Big Dawg needs work and we need a place of our own. When those things line up, hopefully we will be blessed with another little one. It gives me anxiety to think about going through what we went through all over again, so putting off trying does freak me out. Seriously. But I just have to face reality and pray it won't be as hard the next time around. Ideally, we would like to have an even number of kids, either 2 or 4. With the economy like it is I just don't know if we will be able to afford 4 kids ya know? The Big Dawg personally knows the struggles and pains of growing up in a poor family, it has affected him tremendously. 

In the end, I think having a family is the most important work we will do. 
Because families are what life is all about. They make life worth living. The joys of being a mother are like nothing I've ever experienced, there is nothing that can compare. 

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