Friday, October 17, 2014

What It's Like to Work in a Library

Today's Let's Do Lunch! Question is:

"What's it like to work in a library? Do you keep your books at home just as organized?"

Where I work is a 135 year old military school. It's my alma mater  I attended 6th through Junior College then moved to Provo, UT to attend BYU. Our library serves that entire population and my job is to market our services, create displays for books, teach orientation classes to students, host our movie nights (3 per quarter) and keep up with the book collection. My job is 90% working with students, helping with computer questions, databases, and finding books. I love working in a library because I'm the first of my group of friends to know the BEST and newest books. I even read Allegiant before it hit the shelves, oh yea! 

I work the evening shift when the students are in session and the day shift when they are not. I work Monday holidays, but get the Sunday before off. We get awesome vacation time over the holidays too! My degree is actually in Therapeutic Recreation, so I'm supposed to work as an activity therapist creating activities to bring about change in people's lives. Working at a library is very close to fulfilling that major in my mind! 

I had to laugh out loud at the organization question and anybody who knows me in real life would laugh too, my desk at work is a mess!!  I wish I was that organized! One particular librarian I've become close friends with (you know who you are!!) is extremely organized. She has a notebook with tabs for everything. It is a quality I admire in her. 

I actually don't own that many books. GASP. I know, I know. I'm a huge reader, but I'm also a minimalist, or a wanna be at least. One of our favorite family activities growing up was visiting used book stores in the town wherever we were visiting. Most of the books I keep forever are self help, church, marriage, or baby books. I check out fiction from the library, yes seriously! We loooooove hanging out at Barnes and Noble on the weekend, I love the look and feel of a brand new book, but I rarely buy because...well I work in a library you guyyyyyyys!!!

I'm seeing an issue that's become an addiction with books and the Little Monkey. Suddenly, I am reliving my childhood through his books and I WANT THEM ALL.

But when it comes to organization...there is no organization. As you can see in the below pictures...

Why yes, that is a basket of books! 

 Books in his nursery. These books are usually scattered all over the floor, but I cleaned up for the picture. 
And below is the shelf in our bedroom. Mostly self help and thought provoking books. yes, this is as clean as it's going to get! 
I have more books in Athens, but I obviously can't take a picture at the moment, we haven't been up there in several months *sad face*. 

Well that's it for this week! Leave me your questions for next week's Let's Do Lunch! 
 Hope y'all have a wonderful weekend! 

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