Friday, October 10, 2014

Making Time for Blogging

Today I'm answering our first ever Let's Do Lunch question!!!!

"How do you keep the Big Dawg the baby and yourself happy....and still have time to blog :)"

My first thought when I read this was "how nice that they think we are so happy!". 

I will gladly accept that compliment. Our lives have been happy, yes our lives are beyond happy and blessed. But our happiness is because The Big Dawg and I are naturally happy and optimistic people. Correction. I'm a naturally happy person and it rubs off on him, he can be shall we say...grumpy at times, especially in the morning haha! I'm a morning person, can you tell?! We have been through a lot of issues in the past both before we met each other and after, so maybe that makes us appreciate the every day life more often?? The Big Dawg and I are best friends, I'm not saying that because it's the cutesy thing to say when you're married. He is my best friend because we have so much in common. We love the same movies, tv shows, music, outdoor adventures, and on and on. When he shows interest in something I'm not too fond of, I whip out a book! We might be doing different activities, but we are doing them together

My second thought when I read this was "I'm not in charge of The Big Dawg's happiness...he is".

Now before you start calling me a bad wife, let me elaborate. I live by the idea that we can't control other people or our environment, but we can choose our attitudes! When I get out of sorts, he will call me out on it. We have a rule when have one of those snapping at each other days we hug for 15 seconds. It always softens our moods and releases all those happy juices in our brain. For a marriage to work both partners have to have their attitudes in check. I've been there for the Big Dawg through some really rough patches and he's been there for me. Patience has been a virtue we've gained over the years. 

As for the The Little Monkey, well he is just a handful of happiness isn't he?! He is the best part of us and he came out of the womb a happy, fun baby. We are blessed immensely.

How do I keep myself happy? I've blogged about this in the past, my ways to be happy!! So I'll refer you to this post HERE

As far as having time to blog I can break this down bullet style:
  • I schedule my posts out in advance. Most of the time the posts you see on here were written 2-3 days (sometimes even a week if I'm really good) before they go live. 
  • I'm constantly listing ideas for blog posts. I have several rough drafts always running with my thoughts. 
  • My iPad Mini is my right hand man for keeping up with blog calendars, lists, social media and inspirations. 
  • Writing has always come easily to me (no I'm  not bragging), it can take me 15 minutes to write an entire post for y'all. The deeper more emotional ones can take a little longer. And longer for vacations with pictures! 
  • What takes up the most of my time blogging is not the writing, it's the marketing of the blog. I'm not a fan of promoting myself constantly, but as a blogger it's a part of the game. To get my content out there, I have to hope people will share it, but I also have to share it myself! 
  • Blogging is a hobby I have loved now for 7 years. It's journaling, it's family history recording, and it's therapy all in one.
  • For some reason I feel it necessary to share this, I don't think blogging is a waste of time. The type of people who think that haven't received the e-mails I have, or seen their own words written from their blogpost on a post it at a friend's apartment who needed those words. It will come to no surprise to y'all that my more meaningful posts are prayed about before I publish them.

Well that's it for our first ever Let's Do Lunch! I don't have any other questions sitting in the queue, so until next time.... 

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