Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Introducing: Let's Do Lunch! An Advice Column

Before Little Monkey was born, I went on a stereotypically cleaning like a crazy pregnant woman rampage. I went through years worth of old files, folders, clothes, and even went through other family members stuff while I was at it. While I was cleaning, I found tons of old notes passed between friends in middle school and high school. Apparently I was the therapist of our little group. I didn't realize how much advice I doled out. I had friends writing to me about their parent's divorce, abusive boyfriends, rude friends, and all sorts of other teen angst. 
Then I went through my college stuff and realized once again I was the therapist of my group. I loved being the peacemaker in our girl groups and staying up late giving boy advice to friends (apparently I'm an expert at least at BYU hahaha). 
Now in my adult life, I still find myself wanting to be there for my friends. If you ask me what I think, you're going to get an earful. 

So the idea of Let's Do Lunch came to mind! Why not have a safe place for readers to write me personally and ask whatever they like. The form on my sidebar will always be there and sends a message directly to me without revealing who wrote it. I'm excited to get started! 

Maybe you have a question about my Mormon beliefs, but are too scared to ask?
Maybe you want to know if I'm really a natural blonde? 
Maybe you are having a hard time getting pregnant and you just want a hug...
Maybe your husband is a total ***hole and you want some advice on how to deal?

Whatever your reason for writing to me, I am thrilled you chose me to help. I promise to do my best in answering your questions and if I can't come up with anything, then I'll recruit all my relatives that just loooooove to give advice (hm must be who I get it from)... 
All Let's Do Lunch post will rely heavily on who writes in, all posts will be anonymous, names will be changed and even locations if requested! 

Basically I'm doing this because I love the drama, no wait... silly me. 

I'm doing this because I love my friends, I treat them like family and you, my Southern Hope readers, are like family to me. 

Do you have a question or need advice? Click HERE to be featured on Let's Do Lunch! 

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