Monday, October 27, 2014


My blog is reaching some numbers lately that I've never seen before. Because of this I'm freezing up and the introvert inside is starting to take over. SO I thought I'd talk about it. I've always had a shy side, I battle it daily. There are events I want to avoid, friends I want to cancel lunches with, and church activities we skip. All because sometimes I just feel like being alone. Working at a library, I don't get alone time. In fact, my desk is out in the open so for 8 hours a day I constantly feel out in public. On top of that I have to talk to total strangers!!!!! I know, right?!?!

This applies to my blog because I'm realizing people are actually reading what I'm saying (please don't tell me if you don't like it, my sensitive heart can't handle it). What if y'all disagree? What if y'all write a mean comment? What if y'all think I am lame or even worse... corny...

I've always felt a little awkward, even around some of my closest friends. I've been know to babble, come across judgemental, and be flaky (see above). These are all things I desperately fight inside myself because as much as it's genetically in me to be this way, I really want to be that crazy girl at the party. Ha! Never been her, but yes I'd like to be. I just crave friendships and I'm doing the best I can to make and keep friends.

I guess to sum up this totally random post.
I'm weird.
Get over it.
Even so, I hope you keep following along.
If I ever go missing from this blog space, just know I've had a total introvert attack, need my space, and I'm probably in bed cuddled up with a book and for that... I'm sorry???

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