Monday, September 15, 2014

Weekend Recap

Hope y'all had a great weekend!! We are slowly turning into fall around here and the rain today is making me crave some hot cocoa and a warm fire! 

I attended the auxiliary training meeting with my fellow Young Women and Relief Society presidencies from our ward. Sister Carol F. McConkie was there to speak with the Young Women. 
SHE WAS AMAZING! She was so down to earth, easy going, took all our questions, opened the room up for sharing and discussion. She shared with us her personal story of being a Laurel and watching her parents go through a painful divorce. She was embarrassed when she went to church, sat in the back of the classroom, but she listened. She said her Laurel teacher gave her hope that things could be different for her.

Couple notes I'd like to share:

"Teach our girls how to recognize the good. We are sometimes the only mother they have, so we set the example of how a woman should and could be."

"Secure your homes from the influences of the adversary." 

"Teach the girls of the power of the Atoning power of Jesus Christ. By coming unto Him, they don't have to pay the price of guilt and burden of sin. All that can fall away by believing and putting faith in the Atonement." 

"All that is not fair can be made right through the Atonement." 

The Big Dawg and I were up bright and early filming Little Monkey's first real crawl. He is so fast and into everything!! Then we headed out at 9AM to help with the Youth activity. The kids were learning how to be leaders in the ward, they all have various responsibilities. I thought it went really well, they ended it with human foosball and pizza! We drove up to Macon with my mom to shop around. Ate good food at O Charley's and found some cute baby clothes at Old Navy and Target and some mom jeans for me!!! 

The Primary Program was adorable, as always. There were a couple new songs that I've never heard before. This one really got me all choked up. Listen to it here. After sacrament meeting, Little Monkey was so fussy. He didn't get a good nap on Saturday, so we spent most of our time having hallway church. For lunch we had salmon and veggies and Little Monkey slept for THREE HOURS. I got a nice two hour nap in and The Big Dawg went to a church meeting. I had lots of snuggles and mommy baby time on Sunday, I love being his mother! 

I'd love to hear what you did this weekend! 
Please share in the comments!