Monday, September 29, 2014

The Clock is Ticking

You'll never sleep again they said.
Sleep when the baby sleeps they said.
I didn't believe them. I didn't believe them. I had no clue.

It is hard for me to put into words how absolutely exhausted I am.
Here's a view of my world right now:

6:00AM Little Monkey wakes up happy, smiling, precious.
We have breakfast, snuggle, and stay upfront while The Big Dawg sleeps in.

8:30AM, Little Monkey goes back to sleep for a nap. Depending on what I've got going on I might lay down with him, clean the kitchen, pick up the living room, or watch TV.

10:00AM Little Monkey wakes back up and we play until I have to get dressed for work. The Big Dawg takes over baby duties and I observe the playing and giggles while doing my hair and makeup. Depending on how LM is feeling I can get out on time for work or too late (he's learned when I leave and starts to cry out for me, he crawls over to me and pulls on my skirt, breaks my heart).

Then after an eventful morning, if it was anything like last week I was also helping The Big Dawg with his background check info calling multiple DMVs and police stations to get his application process moving along.


12:15PM Leave the house. I head into work sometimes with lunch, sometimes without. I work Sunday through Thursday. I use the weekends to regroup, nap, nap, and nap again. Sundays are even more exhausting. We have service from 9AM-12PM and we leave directly from church to drop me off at work.
Back at home...

7:30PM Little Monkey gets his bath. He's an angel on the earth!!

8:30PM Little Monkey goes to bed, he loooooves sleep. At least one of us is getting it around here!

9:45PM I get home from work. Starving, I have to mentally fight out the hunger pains. Sometimes they win and I eat junk, sometimes I am strong and go to bed hungry.

10:00PM The Big Dawg and I have husband and wife time, we watch TV.

11:30PM Bedtime, if I can turn my wired brain off.

By the end of the week, I am done! Call it a pity party if you will!

What's your typical day like?

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