Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Mamas Tell All: How to Keep Your Marriage Alive After Children

I'm linking up today with Everyday ThoughtsSo Called Homemaker and That Southern Mama for today's Mamas Tell All! So if you are up for my advice read on! 

1. Read scriptures, pray, and discuss Gospel lessons together.
Little Monkey is a perfect angel during Sacrament meeting, but during Sunday School and Young Women's he's all over the place. So we have hallway church! On our ride home, The Big Dawg tells me all about their lesson or I do the same for him if he took the baby during my lesson. Discussing lessons and scriptures can be a great subject to reconnect over. Hearing my husband pray for me, our family, and our worries can soften my heart any day. Pray together as a family. 

2.  Cheap dates. 
We aren't exactly rollin' in the money around here. A redbox movie and some popcorn make for a fun date. We play the movie in bed, snuggle, and get one on one time. The Big Dawg and I love the same types of movies (98% of the time). It's always fun to quote movie lines or have your own inside jokes! Laughing is the best therapy, I'm so glad I married a silly man!!

3. Give your partner some alone time and support their dreams.
Seems like alone time would be the opposite thing you want to do in reconnecting, but that's just not true. The Big Dawg loves Lowe's, it's his Target. I enjoy going to the gym or reading a book during my alone time. Both partners can come back to a conversation with something new to share when they have spent some time away from each other. Life isn't over when you have kids, even though some people would like you to think that. I supported my husband through college the first 4 years of our marriage and he plans on supporting me through a Master's degree. You can travel, explore, and learn new things as a family! 

4. Flirting.
There are so many ways to flirt! Texts, e-mails, sending a hilarious picture, slapping butts and holding hands, foot rubs, cooking together, you can flirt anywhere, anyhow. Especially in front of your kids, it is so good for children to see their parents can't get enough of each other! 

5. Go to bed. 
This can imply many things, and I mean them all!! Sometimes our work/school schedules kept us from going to bed at the same time, DON'T do this! Going to bed together can give y'all time to talk, kiss, cuddle, and other things. Turn off the devices, put down your books, and give each other the undivided attention both of you deserve! 
Marriage is hard with or without kids. For us, having a little one only made our marriage stronger and more determined to make things work.  When we had Little Monkey, both of our hearts grew ten times bigger for him and for each other. Seeing your spouse care for a child can only bring about good feelings, happy thoughts, and positive experiences. 

Because in the end don't we all just want to end up like these two: