Friday, September 19, 2014

Life After Infertility

I've been reading through some blogs that got me through some hard times during our infertility years. Y'all got me though some dark times. I felt empowered when I entered the infertility online community, there are so many of you out there who have inspired me! Many of the infertility bloggers I follow now have babies, or are currently pregnant. I'm so happy for so many, but it got me to thinking...

Did we know what we were about to experience? All the while being obsessed with ovulation kits, dates on calendars, doctor's visits, shots, and test after test. Did we have a clue what we would be in for? We knew parenthood was the end goal, but did we realize what it would really be like?
I know I didn't. I had no clue. I hate to sound cliche', but no one can prepare you for the love you will feel for your child. I've loved many kids in my lifetime, I've watched the children I used to babysit grow up into tweens now. That still could never prepare me for the love I have for my son.

All those years waiting, crying, pregnancy stick after pregnancy stick. It was all worth it. It was absolutely worth all of it! My 31 hours of labor and 5 hours of pushing were totally worth it too. I would do it all over again tomorrow if given the choice. 

I'm so sorry to my readers who stuck with me through the infertility years to have me NEVER post a picture of my son on the blog. I feel really bad about writing so much about being a mom, but never posted pictures of him here. It's that introvert and protective side of me that just wants to keep that for myself. 

I will tell y'all though, he's perfect in every way. He's a 6 month old now, started crawling a week ago. He's a happy boy, an easy kid to love. He sleeps through the night and is working on his first tooth. He loves church, his favorite part is when we sing church hymns. He loved the Primary program this past Sunday! 

Never give up, to those of you still struggling, I haven't forgotten you. I pray that joy will be yours someday soon.