Friday, September 12, 2014

Just Me

No Foodie Friday post for y'all today. I'm in the mood to write. We are in limbo lately. The Big Dawg has been applying to jobs with an ideal one taking longer than we expected. 

It's been a great time for him and Little Monkey to have time one on one together. He's been a great at home dad. I on the other hand feel like I am burning at both ends.

How do y'all do it all?! Last night I was up at 1:30, 4, and officially gave up at 5:45AM. Little Monkey has been sleeping through the night for 2 weeks and is going through a grow spurt, he is waking up like a newborn all of a sudden. 

So I basically got zero sleep and have to function till 10PM tonight. I'm going to a auxiliary training meeting about 45 minutes from where we live. It's a church meeting where we will get trained for our callings. I currently am called as the Young Women's Secretary, a calling I absolutely love. I've worked all day and tonight I'll be getting back late. 

I'll be a walking zombie tomorrow. ZOOMMBBIEEEE! 

Here's the latest. 

I'm reading this book: 

It's stirring up lots of emotions, so I'm taking longer than I expected to read it. I'm just so frustrated with her choices!!! Have you read it?

Watching this show (which I've never seen before, don't judge me I'm on Season 4 now) also please don't spoil anything for me, I literally have NO CLUE how this show ends:

I'm excited to see these movies:
Most likely none of them will be seen actually at the theater. I'm terrified of what Gone Girl might be like, the book! I'm going to need a pillow and possibly headphones to tune out the bad language. I'd love to see Unbroken in theaters, I adore that book. Fingers crossed I get a mamas night out or that we can take the baby and he will sleep? Doubtful.

which leads me to..

We LOVED this movie:
CLEAN, fun, hilarious, family friendly!! So great I want to own it and I rarely buy movies y'all! 

I'm looking forward to shopping this weekend and going to an acoustic guitar series! Hope y'all have a fun filled weekend, more talking on Monday!! I promise I'll be posting the update to my mom's kitchen! Can't wait for y'all to see what a little paint did for the space, it looks amazing!!