Wednesday, September 3, 2014


I'm having some serious writer's block lately. I have to be fired up about a topic to get the words onto a page and nothing has come to mind lately... 

So I'll just share what I'm excited about today!
Little Monkey started crawling this past weekend. It's more of a up down up down kinda thing, but it's so adorable! 

He holds his own bottle pretty well, he's independent and gets frustrated when things don't go his way (wonder who he got that from!). 

We painted my mom's kitchen over Labor Day weekend, lots of pics to come!

Adding new paint has shown my mom all the other updates she wants in her office and kitchen, a remodel may be on the horizon... 

Football season is here and we are cheering on multiple teams. Our Alma Maters: BYU, UGA, and Auburn, with some honorary cheers for FSU and Alabama for the two great men we lost in our family. 

I'm slowly weaning from exclusive pumping, not rushing it, but trying to lose the baby weight has been hard while breastfeeding. He's on solids now and growing like a weed!

I've started a low sugar/low carb diet, atleast during the week. Let's be honest, weekends are not the time to be limiting delicious foods especially during football season!!!!! Y'all pray for me, Mama Bear loves her some carbs. 

We have two new babies in our ward (congregation) I'm so excited to meet them soon! 

A new design for the blog is currently in the works, I am over the moon about how it looks so far, can't wait for y'all to see it! 
I'd like to start an advice type column here on the blog. Weekly, monthly depending on who wants to write in... Taking your anonymous questions and trying to answer them... would y'all be interested in that?? 

Hope y'all survived this HUMP DAY!