Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Take a Moment

Let's take a moment to talk about mesothelioma. I learned some new things about the cancer that most of us have seen advertised on television for those working around asbestos. Atleast that's all I really knew...There is so much more to this disease and I'm excited to raise awareness. Will you take a moment with me and read about Heather's story, we can all afford to take a minute from blogging and reading about the latest trends and fashions to make a difference in somebody else's life. 

Meet Heather. 
Just 3 months after giving birth to her baby girl, Heather, out of the three types of cancer, pleural, peritoneal, and pericardial; was diagnosed with pleural mesothelioma. As with most patients diagnosed with this type of cancer, her chance of survival was grim. She was given 15 months to live. 

She is now an EIGHT year survivor, you read that right, EIGHT. After seeking treatment, she has now seen eight of her daughter's birthdays, eight Christmases, eight anniversaries, and I'm sure she's celebrated with many vacations with her family. How lucky they are to still have her in their lives. 
Heather's story touched my heart deeply. What a nightmare, to be a new mother and diagnosed with cancer. Her story is even more unique being a woman. Men are four times more likely to be diagnosed than women. But being a new mom, come on!!! Life is hard enough as it is, this woman is a serious rock star. While everybody is worshipping at the feet of Beyonce' this past VMA performance, what about women like this, who raise families all while defeating cancer? 

Yes, give me more of that and less of Beyonce' any day! 

Talk about mommy wars, how would you feel going to the park feeling sorry for yourself, had a bad day did ya? Cheerios stuck to the bottom of your Honda Odyssey are they? 

How about adding a chemotherapy treatment on top of all that, goodness gracious! 

She would win that mommy war every. single.time. 
This is Heather with her beautiful family. 

A miracle. I know they feel immensely blessed to have her in their lives. 

Let's play! 

Did You Know?! 

Did you know that 3,000 people are diagnosed every year with mesothelioma, with an average of  10 months to live?
Did you know that our US Veterans are at the greatest risk of mesothelioma? 
Did you know that asbestos has still not been banned in the US?
Did you know that exposure to asbestos can be second hand?
Did you know asbestos can be found in older schools, homes, factories, and commercial buildings?

To read more about this type of cancer go here