Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Sayin' a Little More

After posting the Talkin' Tuesday message, I felt the need to say a little more. I know I've said it before, and I think I will say it again, I absolutely love being a mom. I think as my son changes, as his growth spurts bring him new movements and emotions with that I grow as a mother and my heart grows a little bit larger every time. There are days I feel as though I could burst open. I've warned my family if I ever go missing, I probably spontaneously combusted while holding my sweet son.
Elder Holland's talk touched me deeply. I have often felt not good enough as a mother. Sometimes, I am ashamed to admit, when other women have visited or even held my child I think "oh, they have kids, they know everything and they are doing it better than me!" That's just not true. The only mother my child needs is me! His mother! The demands nowadays placed on moms are ridiculous. 

Goodness gracious. Beautiful Pinterest inspired birthday parties, huge events for their first poo poo on the potty! Personal art on nursery walls, designer diaper bags, and who can lose the baby weight the quickest! Disneyworld trips yearly, European vacation by the time they are 5. There's Baby Einstein and Baby Sign Language, there's teach your baby Spanish and English before he's 2! $350 play mats, $500 swings that rock babies every which way. 

It's too dang much. 

No wonder less and less couples are wanting to not have children. According to the media, they are the most expensive item you will ever purchase. If we all had children to the media's standards, we would need millions of dollars a year to somehow take care of what women have been taking care of for centuries with only buckets of water and cotton dresses on their backs! 
While we are all so busy trying to keep up with what society thinks we should "teach" our children, they are growing up. 
While we are trying to compete for who has the hottest mom body, they are learning to be vain or to objectify women. 
While we are caught up on Google, trying to find the best way to help them get to sleep...they already put themselves to sleep. 

A child doesn't know if he is getting the most expensive toy or the best set of crayons, all he knows is that his mother loves him. And that she enjoys her time with him. Babies need their mamas more than any material possession, they need her the most. 

All of her.

We can't allow others to tell us how to parent, every child is different and every child needs their mother. Am I loving my new frumpy wardrobe, of course not. Am I loving that my butt and hips have grown two times bigger since birthing this baby boy, ummm think again. Is it all totally worth it to be there, to be all there, and see him grow up? 


Looking for some really cute printables for children? Check out Little Bunny Series! She has the cutest free prints, coloring pages, educational and matching games. I'm excited for Little Monkey to start coloring so we can use all of her prints!! 


Ms. Emily Ann said...

Great food for thought. As my hubby and I discuss having kids many of these concerns have floated through our minds..thanks for sharing these positive posters :)

Giggles said...

Can I hug this post? I especially love the quote in the second image.

Whitney said...

Thank you!! I steal all my favorite quotes from Pinterest, I love it too :)