Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Mark Bustos

Have y'all heard of this guy? I found him on Buzzfeed and I had to share his story. This NYC stylist, Mark Bustos (find him here on Instagram) is giving free haircuts every Sunday to the homeless of New York City. He's also given haircuts to the homeless of California, Jamaica, and Costa Rica. What I liked most about this post were his kind words on giving people a second chance and his campaign to #beawesometosomebody. He said his parents are proud he is missing Sunday family dinners, such sweetness!!! The transformation pictures are amazing. Check them out! 
I love photography that shows the emotion of the subject, these pictures speak volumes of the struggles these people have faced. Similarly, I absolutely love HumansofNY, if you aren't following them already, check his Instagram out here.

And the video of  this sweet man and his bucket will bring you to tears. 
I think we all remember how crazy I was over homeless people when I was pregnant...But in all seriousness, Mark Bustos is doing the work of the Lord whether he realizes it or not. Helping people feel anew is a beautiful gift he has given them. A chance to start over, or if they are happy with life they just a way to feel fresh and good about themselves. What a special gift!

These stories remind us all that no matter our lot in life, we are still sons and daughters of our Heavenly Father, He loves us and we are serving Him when we serve one another.  


Emma said...

Great post! That bucket video made me cry a little and the haircut thing is a great idea! It's awesome that he uses his talents to bless others less fortunate than him. This might make me look at the homeless people I see everyday on the streets outside of work a little differently...

Whitney said...

My heart has been softened over and over again for the homeless, especially being a new mother. I look at everybody now as someone who was once prayed for (even if they weren't), because each person was a woman's baby at some point. Whatever event happened to get them on the streets is unfortunate, but that doesn't make them any less of a person. Motherhood has softened my heart to look at others differently. So glad you enjoyed the post!