Friday, August 22, 2014

Foodie Friday:The Best Confetti Popcorn

I'm excited to share with y'all this quick and easy snack! A friend came over to watch the movie, Divergent, and I decided we needed some delicious movie snacks. I made last week's veggie bars, a velvet cheesecake ball with vanilla wafers, and this delicious popcorn. 
The reason my popcorn beats out any other popcorn you've seen is because it isn't from the microwave.
I hate microwave popcorn, gross. Ugh. I love cooking it the old fashioned way, in a pot with kernels and oil. (You could always use an air popper)
Pour your oil to where it covers the full bottom of your pan, get it nice and hot, add one kernel, when it pops you are ready to go! Pour enough kernels into the bowl that each is covered by the oil. Put a lid on, because that popping oil will burn the mess out of your skin, I know from experience. 
Pour it in a bowl, sprinkle on the salt! 
The flavor is amazing! 
This is a great base to begin with, you could add different type of chocolate, candies, pretzels, or other treats to make it your own. 
For this Confetti Popcorn, I poured hot white chocolate over the freshly popped kernels, stirred, then added the sprinkles. 
Isn't it pretty?! And sooo delicious! 

Ingredients for this HUGE bowl: 

2 cups popping popcorn kernels
1 (12oz) bag of White Chocolate Morsels (I didn't use the entire bag, went a little lighter so it's up to you how chocolatey you want it!) 
Rainbow Sprinkles (shake em, pour em, drench it, whatever!) 

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