Friday, August 29, 2014

Foodie Friday: Pinterest Fail

It's amazing how food bloggers really know how to create the most delicious looking dishes. I saw this yummy delight on Two Peas and Their Pod and thought it looked simple enough.  

Their version.
Looks amazingly delicious!! 

My version.
Wa Wa waaaaaaaa
My salsa turned to mush, one avocado was too ripe the other wasn't ripe enough. 
I added tomatoes because the flavor was so bland (I forgot to buy cilantro).
I added lite sour cream because it was also dry and gross with the zucchini!
I obviously screwed this one up, but I tried to make it into something edible by making additions. It turned out, I guess! 

I ate the salsa with tortilla chips and added the rest on top of a spinach salad for lunch the next day.