Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Wear Your Mask

I've read horrible comments on news articles and blogs. I've seen political debates get insane on Facebook. I've watched the division of our country as social media,which was created to bring people together, has slowly turned people against each other. I've even had anonymous comments on my blog which were rather rude and I've seen anonymous rude commenters on other blogs too (you'll notice that feature is turned off now, to comment I gotta know who you are *wink*). I've seen the rudeness of social media many times, but more recently it's gotten deep under my skin. 

I'm sure y'all have heard the controversy around Kendall Jones posing with endangered species. And the news media over the husband who left his child in his car. Or the newest twitter feeds over the teen girl who posted a selfie at Auschwitz

All three of the above media topics are controversial. People are passionate about the coverage and I get that, I really do. What I don't like seeing is the blatant disregard for other people's feelings.

Oh geez, here she goes again with her feelings. 

But in all seriousness. We are living in a social media filled world where people rattle off the most vile things in defense of their opinion. I clicked on Kendall Jones' Facebook to view the controversial pictures. I then read the comments. People were telling this young girl to kill herself, repeatedly. They called her dumb, stupid, told her she would be their ideal kill.

Would those same people say that to her face???

Let's talk about the dad who left his child in the car. It makes me sick to my stomach when I even think about it. I've avoided the news coverage. 
 Allegedly, there are recent findings though that it wasn't an accident.  I read a plea on Facebook this week for others to be kinder to those this has happened to, because sometimes it is an accident. One would think kindness would be shown after such a tragedy, but because of the Cobb County man killing his child, another woman not associated with him, but enduring a painful loss was under fire on her Facebook, for sleeping while her child went to play and locked himself in their car.


Would the same commenters say those horrible words to a grieving mother's face?

Finally, the controversy around Breanna Mitchell's smiling selfie. I totally get why people are so upset. It was very immature and silly of her, but there is a reason to the madness. She was happy after visiting there because her father taught her the history and they made plans to visit one day, but then he passed away... Was it the best choice to post it to Twitter?! Obviously not, poor judgment on her part, but she is a teenage girl for goodness sake!! 

Would those Twitter followers say the same words to their own teen daughter's face?? 

If you have answered a resounding yes, Whitney, yes I would to any of the above. If you feel like you would absolutely stand up for what you believe is right, no matter how hurtful the comment. Are you positive you would use the exact same words?

The exact. same. words. 

We have become a society obsessed with expressing ourselves to the point that filth runs out of our mouths with no consequence. I can't imagine being a teenager now, being worried about friends posting incriminating photos of me online, or ex boyfriends retaliating with made up stories.

Cowards hide behind the masks of social media. The protection of sitting at a computer instead of at a coffee table. 

Pictures can be easily misunderstood, so can words in a blogpost.

We let these things come tapping out of our fingers instead of out of our mouths.

For those of us too polite to say such things, I challenge you to use kinder words in your posts and comments. Don't defend, just use better language. Let's turn the internet into a safe place for everybody no matter their opinions. Let's spread the love around through one positive, uplifting social media comment at a time. 


Mom said...

very very well said!! I live in the tech world 24/7 and have seen this time and time again, we can all be more conscious of our written words

Jessah @ Dreaming of Dimples said...

that quote is so true but it is hard to stop the comparisons sometimes.

Giggles said...

When people claim they are different in "real life" I automatically stop associating with them. The internet is real life. In a lot of cases it's more who people really are than in the flesh. And if you say you are nicer off line than you are on, I don't want to deal with that kind of two-faced-ness.