Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Three Little Birds

I've always had a close connection with nature. I grew up with an enormous backyard filled with critters and birds. Some of my readers might remember the story of the sweet little birdies during our infertility days. Well, recently there was another set of birds born (or hatched?) in the corner of our garage. I grew attached to this little family. The momma bird and the papa bird would check on them frequently. Whenever I walked outside I could quickly look up and see the momma bird warming her nest, protecting the eggs inside. 

Then the eggs hatched into tiny, chirping, hungry baby birds. They were so cute! Again, I saw the momma and papa bird fly in and out of the garage bypassing all sorts of dangers. We were a danger. The three dogs were a danger. And there was a fat, lazy cat laying out who resembles a famous cartoon character. 

But I always knew when the momma bird was there, she was the bravest. She would get closer to her nest, no matter who was on the deck watching. She would eventually make it to her perch where her babies let out chirps for food. I would tell her, "it's ok momma bird, I have a baby too, see!" 

The back and forth in my head with this little bird turned into a deeper emotion than I realized. I'm a protector of my little boy too. I want to protect him from cruel people who could hurt him. I want to keep him away from dangerous situations and strengthen him through healthy foods. I want him to know his momma will always be there protecting him, no matter the dangers. Children shouldn't have to worry about things like that, it's what parents are for, right?

This past week, I walked outside to find the baby birds were gone. All three successfully flew away. The Big Dawg checked the yard to make sure everybody was safely in a tree somewhere. I felt a sadness for the birds leaving and wished them well. 

It made me think of the many years I have ahead with my sweet baby boy. We have so many memories to create with him, but also so much to teach him about life. One day he too will leave our nest and I want to do everything I can to make sure he is ready with strong convictions for wings, a head filled with smart ideas, legs that will take him all sorts of places, and a heart large enough to hold many treasures. 


amominneedofadvice said...

Such a great analogy! It makes me sad to think about that day. I know we have our tough times, but I'm not ready any time soon for them to feel like they don't want to be with their mama.

~*Night Owl*~ said...

we have a birds nest in one of our trees but sadly no eggs in it.

Jessah @ Dreaming of Dimples said...

i love this post. i hope those sweet baby birds have a nice long life.

JJ said...

what a sweet post!

Heather @ No Bologna Blog said...

I think this is one thing that truly scares me about having a kid... the unconditional love that comes with it. I know it's blessing, but it's also a heavy weight... always being worried. Bringing them into a world that is scary. I have to think about the times that are beautiful though - there's a lot to be thankful for this in this world. I love the analogy you used of the baby birds! I love seeing baby bird nests! :)

Also, I saw your comment on my blog about heart rate monitor watches and I appreciate the suggestion! I'm still working to reply to my comments - something is wrong in my code and I haven't figured it out yet!

Have a great Sunday!