Monday, July 21, 2014

Ms. Manners Advice

My aunt has a nickname around our house, Ms. Manners. When I was in elementary school, she sat my cousins and me down to learn how to properly eat at the table. I think she was tired of hearing smacking lips and clinking glasses to be honest, but she made it fun for us.

She lived in a beautiful historic home downtown. I believe it was built in the 1800s as are many of the houses around this area. We would play loudly in her basement and she would come down the stairs to tell his the neighbors next door could hear us! By the way, these neighbors had louder parties than we did. They were college kids hanging out in a hot tub out back... Who installs a ho ttub off the back of a class colonial home anyway?!

My aunt was always behind me with one of her tiny hairbrushes from her purse trying to comb down the hot mess that was the back of my head. I never combed it, only the sides could be seen in the mirror, why bother with the back? 

She now lives in a beautiful Southern town that one could compare to Mayberry. It fits her perfectly, nestled in the Great Smoky Mountains. Her people are there, she's made friends with all sorts of mountain folk. Why the magnolias? Because the women in my family are steel magnolias, I have never known anybody to be stronger than them. 

Advice I've Learned from Ms. Manners:

1. When ASKING for something from someone else, say PLEASE. 
[note: WHY is it SO hard for women to ask for help when we really need it? Because we're control freaks and think we don't really need any help if everyone else will just do what they're supposed to do and/or figure out what we need without us having to spell it out - ha!]

2. When RECEIVING something from someone else, say THANK YOU.

3. When confronted with NONSENSE that MAKES NO SENSE, just say. . . how interesting. I'll have to think about that. OR,please repeat that, and I'll sure think about it. Enough said on something that merits NO response!

4. Pick your issues, and your confrontations, carefully. Relationships are important at different levels, and if it's not important enough to destroy one, don't go there. You control your world for the most part, and other people's CRAP really doesn't matter at the end of the day.

5. What you put in writing can't be taken back or undone. SO, share the good news and ponder the rest.

6. Don't hit a fly or a nat with a hammer just 'cause you feel like it. It puts YOU in the kill zone, and for something that doesn't really matter at the end of the day. No response or saying nothing is often the best response.

7. Take joy in who you are, what you do, and what you aspire to be in this life. The latter is your personal information; the who you are and what you do is best spoken and represented via your "take" and "actions" and "accomplishments" on life events. At the end of the day, who cares what you say in the e-mediums - it matters what you actually do and what other people see you do.

8. If invited to something with an RSVP, do the RSVP thing - I mean hey, someone is spending time and energy and money planning for you one way or the other.

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Rachel Rinderknecht said...

I love these! Some are so simple, yet so true!! Especially the RSVP one. I swear no one does that any more :(
Blonde with a Chanse