Thursday, July 17, 2014

Hi, I'm a Normal Mom

I wouldn't say I am a full on crunchy mom, for example chewing food and placing it into baby's mouth (thank you Alicia Silverstone) that's gross and won't be happening around here anytime soon (unless zombies take over of course). And yes we are definitely vaccinating. And no, I did not eat placenta pills, gag me. I wanted to do cloth diapering, but that didn't work out... When I was pregnant I didn't read parenting books or read up on the Ferber method or attachment parenting. I didn't realize there were so many different ways to raise a baby. 

The mommy wars are alive and thriving and I try not to place myself into any of those arguments. Although I don't know if there is a category for the type of mom I am, just call me normal, hmmmmk? 

 Here's what we've been doing so far: 

I am obsessed with giving him breastmilk through exclusive pumping. He has had maybe 2 bottles of formula his entire 4.3 months of life. There is something addicting about watching him grow based on what my own body is producing for him. Nothing bonds us more. Our freezer stash took a dip during a growth spurt, but now that he's on rice cereal it is growing again! 

We co-sleep off and on with him. We had a crib insert sleeper in our bed for him to lay in so that we wouldn't injure him in the night. After years of infertility, we couldn't bear to be away from him. The nursery felt like a mile down the hallway to both of us. He outgrew his sleeper insert (so sad!) and has started sleeping through the night in his crib, which is wonderful, but The Big Dawg and I miss him. To me, getting more sleep was the most important thing. Forcing a baby into his crib every night, waking up every hour to feed or pop a binkie in his mouth, or rock him to sleep was just a big fat no for me. We all slept better because he slept with us. From the day he was born my son has been an awesome sleeper and this momma thanks him for that!

We love babywearing. I started out wanting to babywear because every time I saw a mom lugging around a carseat I would cringe. Ah! What will I do with my arthritic hands, I thought, it looked so painful to me. So we accidentally fell into babywearing and now I don't even know how other parents live without it. When Little Monkey would cry as a newborn, I popped him into the Baby K'tan and he immediately calmed down. Now that he is heavier, I can snuggle him close in the Ergobaby without killing my back or hands when he wants to be held everywhere we go. 

We are starting solids and yes, I will be making his baby food. I don't see what the big deal is either. To me it is easier to buy some fruit, puree, and freeze it than going to the store to stock up on jarred baby food. I mean what do you do with all the jars when your done? I'm sure we will get some every now and then though. Are you following foodiebabies on Intagram? She is awesome!! 

We only bought the basics for our little man. For example, our nursery doesn't have wipe warmers, a diaper genie, a diaper holder, a mobile, or a humidifier. What it does have is a multipurpose dresser that his dad made, a crib, mommy area, and an awesome sleep machine. The dresser holds all his clothes, diapers, wipes, and is used as his changing table. We have a regular trash can that gets changed every other day. Hate to tell ya, but diaper genies don't cover the smell of diapers! Plus the cost of those liners, no thanks... I like that we have more books than anything else for our son. As he grows I hope to keep the toys to a minimum, we will see how that goes though! Avoid the babyland marketing scams, they love to take advantage of new moms telling them all they need... 

These things just work for us. We do what comes naturally and I'm definitely learning more everyday about myself as a parent. Little Monkey has been the best teacher of so many virtues. Some days are hard, but most of them are flat. out. amazing! Nothing compares. 

What do you think? 
Any parenting tips for a first time mom? 


amominneedofadvice said...

This was a fun read. I felt like I was there talking with you. You sound like a pretty AWESOME mom to me.

Giggles said...

We didn't buy baby food either, too expensive and too much of a hassle. But we didn't puree everything either. We gave her some foods that would mash up with a fork (avocado, banana, mashed potatoes), sometimes mixing them with some breast milk. And then as she got teeth we stopped mashing things as much. She always just ate whatever we were eating. Because I'm lazy like that. :)