Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Goldhagen Art Glass Studio & Gallery

Located in the Smoky Mountains, inside the town of Hayesville, North Carolina. Where the Hiawassee River dumps into Lake Chatuge, there is a hidden treasure. A place where inspiration occurs, music is played, and homemade desserts are served. This special corner of the Hayesville community is an art glass studio and gallery where the world-renowned artist, David Goldhagen, sculpts glass art in front of guests attending Hot Summer Nights. The admission is $10 per person and attendees bring their own food and drinks. Goldhagen's children are there to direct you to parking, your table, and offer homemade treats like a beautiful slice of carrot cake! The Gnarley Fingers play as guests enter a BBQ with residents of Hayesville. Others were there from out of town, like us, to watch the art created inside the mind and studio of David Goldhagen. 

 The Big Dawg was absolutely fascinated by Goldhagen's work. 


   Pieces to be reused later. He used various colors based on other pieces he created. 


  Prepare to be hypnotized.  
This became what you see below.  


His assistant, Marci, helped answer our questions about the studio and the pieces downstairs. We chose two items from the displays at a cheaper price than the gallery. I have a vase now that sits on my bedside table just dying for a flower to make its home there. 
 An artist's tools. 

 The pieces we browsed downstairs. 

Isn't this absolutely stunning?!! 

I hope the pictures above told a story for you. We had an outstanding visit to the Goldhagen Studio in Hayesville, North Carolina. I encourage those of you soon to be in the area to go to their website and make a reservation for the next segment of Hot Summer Nights! And don't forget to buy a slice of the delicious carrot cake! 


Jill said...

Love this! My sister-in-law and family took a glassblowing class up in Seattle and it was one of the most fascinating things I've ever heard about. Check out her review here -
I'd love to see an artist at work like that - amazing how gorgeous the pieces turn out. I'll have to come see the pieces you bought some time!

Giggles said...

I find any art of glass fascinating. It's a delicate strength and the way it plays with light and color are just magical. If I'm ever out in that part of the world we're definitely adding this to our list of things to do.