Thursday, July 31, 2014

Friend of a Friend

Have you ever come across a friend of a friend? Do you get what I'm saying? Here you have this really great friend, someone you admire and think the world of and then you meet their friend. Your friend introduces you to this person and thinks they are amazing, completely a fan! But you think.... meh. 

I've found myself in this predicament more than once in my life. It's made me question friendships. 

If you can be friends with her, how can you be friends with me?!

If you want to spend your time with someone like that, how can you also want to spend time with me?! 

If you can survive an entire conversation over dinner with this person without wanting to plug your ears up with your napkin, what does that say about me?? 

And I'm sure I've had friends who meet some of mine and think, GAH, never would I ever be her friend! 

So what do you do in this type of situation?


Kendra said...

I love this post because I have thought this same things. One of my best friends and I are doing swim lessons with our kids together this week and her friend also is there. I sat there listening to this lady talk as she was complaining about life, also implying how much money they have and that her husband owes her this much money, and their pool in the backyard everyone wants to swim in and blah blah blah, I almost jumped in the pool with my kids I couldn't handle it. She is nice, but man, i have no clue how she is friends with my friends :)

Jessah @ Dreaming of Dimples said...

I just had an instance like this. But I'm not sure what you can do besides keep your distance from that person. Ugh!