Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Baby Wearing

We didn't buy our Baby K'tan carrier because I read extensive articles about the benefits of babywearing. Nope, I just saw women lugging around carseats and decided that would hurt my hands way too much. Little did I know what a huge benefit it would be to Little Monkey and me. I know some of you just love infograps as much as me so I found two great ones via Pinterest. We now own the Ergobaby Sea Skipper . It was a Father's Day gift to The Big Dawg who loves wearing the baby. It's great for both of us (I walk him around the block in it) and I got it at a really cheap price on Amazon!! 
After reading this infograph I can confirm the following from my own personal experience:

Having my hands is top priority for me. Because of my rheumatoid arthritis, the various holds of a 15 pound baby can do a number on the joints in my hands and elbows. Ouch!!! 

In the evenings when Little Monkey was a newborn, the meltdowns came to a dead halt when I put him into the carrier. From 5PM- bedtime he lived in the carrier.

Little Monkey had minimal reflux as a newborn. 

I've never had back pain while babywearing.
Again, no crying in the evenings because of the carrier. No crying equals no stress. 

I never had postpartum depression. Maybe it was because he was born in the Spring and I got outside at 2 weeks postpartum every day, or maybe it was the babywearing. I had an extremely hard labor and was in pain for several weeks, if anything caused anger or sadness it was my inability to get off the couch without cringing in pain. I pray for the mothers who do endure that trial though, I know it must be terribly hard. 

We have navigated several crowds with ease including The Big Dawg's graduation from UGA. A stadium filled with people, yes he was strapped to me the whole time! 

Never dealt with colic with Little Monkey. 
Bonus to babywearing: 
Is there anything hotter than your hubby walking around with your child strapped to him? I'm pretty sure the answer is no, there is absolutely nothing hotter than that!!!


Erin Elizabeth said...

First off, I love a good infographic and these two are super cute and informative. Secondly, when I first glanced at your post title I thought it said Baby Swearing and was immediately intrigued.

Giggles said...

We got into baby wearing for similar reasons. There was no way I was going to haul a car seat all over after watching the awkwardness that was everyone else lugging those things around, especially not since I have a bad back.

LOVED our K'tan. Love our mei tai. Love the buckle carrier my husband uses. He carries her on his back every Monday night for our weekly walks.

And Wednesday afternoon when she wanted to be either held or hold my finger while she showed me the house and I wanted to get dinner going, up she went on my back and was happy as could be while I seasoned the chicken and got it in the oven. She even gives me pats on the back to show me what a good job she thinks I'm doing.