Thursday, June 12, 2014

This Week

This week has gotten away from me! I've found many new blogs to enjoy and in my excitement I forgot to post here! 

I've got a couple new ones coming up about baby wearing and exclusively pumping. Foodie Fridays is still on! I have a yummy snack posting tomorrow. 

I hope y'all had a great week!! My emotions have been on a roller coaster, I've been close to tears several times while driving into work for my evening shift. But whenever I see my sweet hubs loving on our baby every day my heart just fills with joy! We are so blessed that Little Monkey gets to stay at home with either his grandparents or The Big Dawg. We are in limbo with jobs and so until we hear back on his two prospects, Little Monkey gets to hang out with his dad all day. I only live 10 minutes from my work, so I drive home for my dinner break and get some cuddly baby time before coming back. 

So even though I love they are having guy time, I also struggle with working each day. He's growing up so fast and has new tricks daily. Once The Big Dawg has a job we will have more options available, but for now it is what it is.

At the end of the day, my job provides for our little family and has for the past 4 years while The Big Dawg finished school. Ideally, I would work part time and spend the rest of my days cooking fun recipes and working out like a madwoman. I know I would be happier at home with the ability to teach, play, and nurture. That's where I am mentally for this time in my life. But the main goal in my life is to make sure we have food in our bellies, savings for emergencies, and health insurance for accidents. That to me is being a mother, that is providing for him the best way I can. 

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Girl, you do good things