Monday, June 30, 2014

My Name Used to Be Muhammed Book Review

With July 4th fast approaching us, this book is totally appropriate to have a renewed sense of pride in our country. We are able to worship who, what, and where. This is not so in other countries. Thank you Tito Momem for strengthening my testimony not only in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but in this beautiful country where we worship freely!! 

I can't recommend this book enough. It deserves your undivided attention! For those looking for a boost to your testimony, this is the one. An unbelievable story similar to those of Khaled Hosseini (and only in the sense of teaching the reader more about Islam and the Middle East in a non preachy or judgy way). I really love books like these because world religions is one of my favorite subjects. The reader should note that Mr. Momem grew up in a Fundamentalist sect of Islam. He grew up in an extremely strict household, where men go to pray 5 times a day and women are hidden inside homes with veiled faces. He was beaten profusely by his father, who expected him to become the next Islamic leader in their village and began memorizing the Quran at 6 years old. Many of his friends grew up to be Islamic extremists, this is not always the case with this religion, but it was for Mr. Momem's friends. If it were not for the Gospel of Jesus Christ finding him when it did, he would have gone down the same path (he says so in his book!). According to Momem, Muslims do believe Jesus Christ existed, they just don't believe He is the Savior or Redeemer. In Islam culture, to be divine means to be all powerful and since Jesus Christ was killed He was therefore not divine and did not have the power of God. 

Mr. Momem's story of finding Jesus Christ is all at once heart warming, tragic, and honest. I decided to read this book for my summer reading, because it was a conversion story and my spirit was low. I needed a faithful conversion story like this one to boost my own. 

Through a various chain of events, (hint, hint you should read the book to find out what those are) he meets a friend who has converted to Mormonism. He tells Momem that he believes in Jesus Christ and has changed from his partying ways. Momen attends church with his friend, but is denied being baptized. When he is finally granted permission, Momen describes going "deep into the water" where he could "bury" all his past sins away. He felt renewed and began to turn his life around, he became a Christian.

I don't want to give the entire book away, so I'll just say this... through even more various events, he ends up spending 15 years in jail because he is a Christian. Tears sprang from my eyes as I read the last two pages of this book, my heart swelled with love for this sweet man. His story is a treasure!!!!  

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Amy Harris said...

i LOVE to read and am always looking for good book suggestions! just added this one to my list :)