Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Happy in Your Heart

Earlier this week, I told The Big Dawg I was fine with whatever happened with his future job apps, because "I am happy in my heart, I can be happy anywhere". This is what I told him as I looked down at our grinning baby boy while walking in the Georgia summer heat. 

And that got me to thinking...

It's a hard lesson to learn, to be happy in your heart. Most of us want our lives to go as planned and especially as society sees fit. We follow the rules, tie up our shoes and tuck in our shirts, we get our degrees, act professional, and expect life will repay us for our good deeds.

We expect our families to love us, for there to be comradery in our work places, and fellowship in our churches. 

We expect babies to be born healthy, diseases to be cured, cars to start, and food to be in our bellies. 

We expect these things, because we are told this is how it should be. But life has a way of tricking us, challenging us, and molding us into better people, if we let it. 

The most precious knowledge I have gained through each one of those experiences, is that I can only be happy if I choose to be. At what point do we stop asking the Lord for more, more, more and start thanking Him for all of the tiniest of blessings?! 

For sweet dogs and a cat who make us smile even though it's been days since they were given any love in return.
Like the mom who makes a meal for her exhausted daughter without thinking of how tired she is from a long day at work. 
For the husband who puts together annoying digital cable boxes for his father in law at 8AM after being up all night with a growing son. 
Or the grandfather who watches over his family and writes about them without realizing his articles are what his family looks forward to each month to see what he observed. 

Choose this day, to be happy in your hearts! 


JJ said...

this is really an awesome post. Very sweet. I've been struggling lately with doing what's expected of me at a certain age, and not waiting to conform. I needed this today. thanks for that!

lex said...

oh my goodness, i love this post! you have such a lovely perspective and attitude! xo