Friday, June 6, 2014

Foodie Fridays: Southern Living Veggie Potato Salad

What's summer without potato salad? This was a tasty and healthy version of potato salad without all that heaviness. Lots of veggies, lots of freshness, lots of good stuff for your body. 
I liked it, R sorta liked it, mom loved it, dad hated it. I'm new to this whole blogging about food thing so y'all bare with me while I try to make better pictures and explain the changes I made to recipes. 
I omitted the buttermilk (wasn't about to buy it just for this recipe ya know?!)
The mayo is not necessary. 
Yes to the hot and spicy mustard and sour cream.
I had a super blonde moment. Or maybe it's mommy brain now?
There is a really cute baby that distracts me while I'm cooking, we have lots of cuddles and smiles in the kitchen. 
I forgot to steam the green beans so this salad was super crunchy which nobody seemed to mind. 
I'd make this again for a family picnic, definitely healthier than that yellow pasty stuff you see at the Kroger deli counter. You know what I'm talking about!! 


Mom said...

I DID love it, Maryann you"ll be with me on this! The only thing i would change is to cut up the green beans into more bite size - other than that -yummmeeee

Whitney B. said...

The big Dawg was in charge of the green beans haha :) we love to cook together!

Blossoming Bloggers said...

MMmmm. That looks so good! I've never seen it made with so many veggies before. I like it!