Friday, June 20, 2014

Foodie Friday: Stuffed Bell Peppers

I think a better title would be, overloaded bell peppers! These have been a favorite of mine since my aunt made them for us in North Carolina. 
The recipe changes every time they are made, throwing in any can in the pantry with some ground beef or leftover sausage from that morning's breakfast is usually how it goes. 
These colorful fellas have black beans, celery, sausage, ground beef, and lots of seasoning... yum! 
And some delicious BBQ sauce The Big Dawg brought home from one of his weddings at the farm.
I'd like to try these again with ground turkey or quinoa to change it up a bit. 
This recipe gives you an idea, I always play around with whatever I have on hand. Instead of rice we use oatmeal.
 I need to be better about sharing the changes!

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Jessah @ Dreaming of Dimples said...

Yummy! Hope you have a great weekend.